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UNIXCoin ICO Review – Is UNIX Coin A Scam?

Unix Coin is a cryptocurrency emerging in the age of financial world that is digital. It’s introduced in the innovative hybrid platform that allows investors to invest and increase their wealth sustainably. The concept of Unix Coin is much like bitcoin, except the fact that there are still plenty of opportunities for the investors to acquire Unix Coin as it is ICO price remains affordable and will be rewarding remarkably.

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The ICO or more commonly called coin that is initial offering is the process of distributing the coins at a price to investors. ICO’s involve some trust on the investors end, however by trusting in the company that you are able to reap huge gains. UNIX Coin so far has started their ICO on the 26th of November, the final date of the ICO will be December 25th 2017. Then you’re sure to profit if you can get in any of the phases.

If you don’t have that much cryptocurrency on your hands, or your investments are everywhere, you can share UNIX Coin with your friends and find a reward that is % for any contributions that they make. The ICO phases will be as follows:

UNIX coin

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UNIX Coin began their project and thus far they’ve developed the site, coin construction, internet wallet and created the idea. During November 2017 they started marketing and communication and have started their ICO.

Into the long run the UNIXCoin brand looks to develop PoS algorithms and their PoW, execute their program, affiliate program and the exchange industry that is internal. All of this is anticipated in the middle of December 2017 (wow they work quickly).

Throughout 2018 they’re seeking to get listed on CoinMarketCap, have a $25 target price (2500 percent ROI) and launch their Android and iOS platform.

From the end of 2018 they’re seeking to have a cost per UNIX Coin to be $200. We are excited for that.

Unix Coin scam ico


The lending program at UNIXCoin is slightly different to previous lending platforms you may have seen. There is 2 types of lending programs, the “Innovative Hybrid Lending Program” and the “Standard Lending Program“. Innovative Hybrid Lending Program For investors who prefer the fixed return,
the self-controlled lending program is another appropriate choice.Regular Lending Program Investors will receive daily interest rate, up to 48% monthly. The more lending amount, the higher interest rate you will get. Under regular lending program, the daily interest rate will be announced every day at 00.00 (UTC).

Price Prediction

ICO PRICE: $1.20

Estimate Price in 1 Month: $20

Estimate Price in 3 Months: $50

Estimated Price in 6 Months: $80

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