Steneum Coin ICO

Steneum ICO Review – Is Steneum A Scam?

Steneum is asset designed to work as a unit of exchange. It utilizes protocol to facilitate payment arrangements. The storage server is decentralized and distributed-divided into servers run by each user connected to the network. Since it was created based on platform Steneum is identical to Bitcoin. As its predecessor, you can easily send Steneum anywhere in the world in seconds provided that the recipient is on the internet. Are listed and displayed in Blockchain. Although you can set your identity all your transaction can be monitored through Steneum Blockchain Explorer. The transfer fee could be lowered gradually. To speed up the transaction, fee can be set by you . It is possible to move Steneum (STN) to anywhere in the world as long as the receiver is on the internet.

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What Does the Coin Offer

1 . After ICO program ends, you can use STN for trading on (January 1, 2018). Other markets such as Yobit and Bittrex are coming soon.

2 . You can also join the lending program on Bitsten and obtain a 20% commission for exchange fee. Your daily profit estimation is 0.01—1.00% depending on the Bitsten market volume.

3 . STN can be used for payments or enlisting new coins on .

4 . After the ICO program ends, you can sell STN on the market to receive immediate profit.

5 . You can also use STN to pay trading fees on


My favorite part of these lending programs it the ICO stage, or more commonly known as initial coin offering. This is where us investors can all scramble to try to get into the platform early and get the cheapest price for the token. Steneum are not only having a very low supply of just 5 million coins, they are also giving the cheapest ICO prices:

Steneum ICO

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Steneum Lending Program

The Steneum lending program looks to be unique and feature rich compared to other lending programs. The thing about Steneum is that you receive your investment 1:1 back. Times with these lending programs then, and you have to exchange your tokens into a USD amount are paid daily interested depending on the USD amount, however with the STN token. At the program’s close you can sell them for whatever value they have on exchanges, or decide to reinvest them into a different cycle, and will get your invested STN tokens back all!

When it comes to lending we believe Steneum seems to be the most sustainable and has the maximum probability of sticking around for a very long period of time (1-2 years).

Steneum ICO

Price Prediction

ICO PRICE: $0.15

Estimate Price in 1 Month: $8

Estimate Price in 3 Months: $20

Estimated Price in 6 Months: $30

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