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My Bikini Belly Book Review – Read My Honest My Bikini Belly Review And Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Shawna Kaminski’s My Bikini Belly Program….

Product Name : My Bikini Belly

Product Author : Shawna Kaminski

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My Bikini Belly Review:

If you’re a woman who wants the real answer to achieving the flat and firm belly you truly desire while looking and feeling years younger? Then the Bikini Belly is the only solution for you! This program was specifically designed for women 35 and over who want to quickly lose the unwanted midlife belly fat. It is a 21 day follow along workout system is a realistic, 100% proven blueprint for getting you a flat and firm belly that works. Each workout only takes minutes and can be completed anywhere with nothing more than your bodyweight so it will work for you even if you’re a working woman with a family like me and have little to no time to workout.

What Is Exactly My Bikini Belly?

Bikini Belly is a 21 Day system that contains follow along workout videos specifically for women who haven’t been able to get a flat tummy no matter how hard you try. It show you exactly how to customize each workout so any woman at any age at any fitness level can use this simple follow along system. The Bikini Belly secrets you’re about to experience have already helped thousands of women just like you quickly achieve their absolute best results ever. The unwanted fat around your belly will continue to plague you every single day and keep you from feeling confident in your own body. Your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s will continue to rise with each passing year taking weeks,months, and even years off of your life.

3 Belly Fat Triggers Reveal The Things You Absolutely Must Avoid:

  • Belly Fat Trigger 1: Turns on your menopause molecules and makes it impossible to lose belly fat- If you still believe that you have to exercise more and spend countless hours to get a flat belly you have been lied to. Your hormones get thrown out of whack, your metabolism plummets and your fat loss comes to a screeching halt. Fat starts to pile onto your belly at an alarming rate because your body is blocked from turning off your fat storing menopause molecules as you’ll see in a minute.
  • Belly Fat Trigger 2: Turns Off Your Belly Shrinking Hormone- Did you know today’s most popular workouts and exercises turn OFF your #1 belly shrinking hormone and make your belly visibly thicker and fatter looking? The same goes for sit-ups and crunches. Why would you want to waste all that time making your belly even more resistant to letting go of the trapped fat?
  • Belly Fat Trigger 3: Destroys Your Metabolism- If you still believe that you have to get on the treadmill, elliptical, or run miles to get a flat and firm belly you are wrong. Cardio workouts are very stressful on women over 35 and destroy your metabolism, attack your thyroid and instantly send your cortisol levels soaring. This automatically activates distress signals inside your body forcing your metabolism to eat away at itself and push fat directly toward your belly.


How Does My Bikini Belly Works?

The magic of this bodyweight ab program is all in the sequencing and exercise selection of the 3 special type of flat belly workouts that have been carefully programmed to match your current hormonal state. Each workout strategically builds off the last and works together so that after every 7 days you’re activating more of your metabolism and burning more belly fat.

  • Workout 1 – Bikini Belly FLUSH: Turn Off your menopause molecules and force your body. This first ab workout is filled with simple but very specific types of movements that turn OFF your menopause molecules and shift your metabolism from fat storing mode to fat burning mode so that your body automatically starts to let go and flush out your belly fat.
  • Workout 2 – Bikini Belly BURN: Turn ON your belly shrinking hormone to see your tummy automatically tighten up each week. This second ab workout builds upon workout 1 to instantly activate your body’s 1 belly shrinking hormone to accelerate the belly burning fire even further. It is an effective, simple movement pattern that signals your body to rebalance your hormones helping you automatically unlock even more of your metabolism.
  • Workout 3 – Bikini Belly BLAST: Turn Up your metabolism and instantly force your body to incinerate belly fat non-stop for 72 hours. This third and final type of ab workout builds off of workout 2 to completely optimize your metabolism and maximize your belly burning results like never before. You will little known metabolic bursts movements that activate even more heat in your metabolism through thermogenesis, which forces your body to incinerate belly fat for the next 72 hours.


What I Liked About My Bikini Belly:

  • No matter what level you are at, our time-tested, easy-to-follow system.
  • Not just your beauty, your health and confidence will also be dramatically boosted.
  • You will burn fat more easily and permanently.
  • The workouts are short and fun, but they’re intense and very effective.
  • It will be able to not only get a bikini body but also improve the overall health.
  • Get a tone, firm, and lean physique without losing your feminine shape
  • This program works specifically for women 35 and over because it is based on working with your body not against it.
  • My Bikini Belly is specifically for women who haven’t been able to get a flat tummy no matter how hard you try.

What I Don’t Liked About My Bikini Belly:

  • If you’re a man My Bikini Belly will not work for you because you have different hormonal and metabolic needs.


Final Verdict:

Overall, If you’re a woman who has unwanted belly weight that you’d like to quickly lose this will work for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 – If you’re a woman struggling to lose belly weight as you age then you must switch OFF your menopause molecules and this is the program to get the job done. Even if every other program in the past has failed you. Try the Bikini Belly System for 60 full days, and see the results you desire, or you pay nothing! So check it out and discover how to finally get rid of that Menopause Belly and get a flat and firm stomach in 21 days. Yet, right now you can take responsibility and claim the flat belly you’ve always desired in just minutes a week using nothing but your own body weight.


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