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CryptoXChanger Exchange Coin ICO Review – Is CryptoXChanger A Scam?

CryptoXchanger isn’t a normal cryptocurrency exchange. It’s a modern platform which, for their customers, offers opportunities besides purchasing cryptocurrencies. They don’t want to remain behind the others, and that’s the reason they develop. It’s only the start, although we introduced creations such as bonuses in our coin EXCC. Together with the investment platform, they declared an ICO that offers opportunities to multiply your income.

How it Works.

Their custom designed algorithm checks all of the exchanges CryptoXchanger is signed up to and picks up the very best price, once a customer asks a money exchange. At precisely the same time the algorithm does the analysis to find out whether the currency’s trend is DOWN or UP.

If the trend is downward – their bot puts and sends the coins used currency checking when its bottom is reached by that currency. When the algorithm computes that trend might be changed to up – their bot adds it and buys the currency. In this case, CryptoXChange earns double: on a coin price difference and 0.5% commission for the transaction. It is worth mentioning that all coins obtained from the fees are added to their accounts increasing their supplies.

CryptoXchanger scam

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In another situation – if a currency is in the trend. In cases like this, their bot buys the currency immediately and sends it to the customer. If it’s profitable to buy some more of the currency and sell it for a 26, the probability is calculated by our algorithm at precisely the same time. When we do it a few times a day, our bot, in this case, is set up to earn little profits of between 2.


After ICO ends, as a component of CryptoXchanger investment opportunities, They will launch EXCC Lending Program shortly. Lending will be available in EXCC only and participants will receive accruals in EXCC. The rate of interest will be dependent on the successful work of our customized algorithm and the amount of CryptoXchanger exchanges. At the beginning, they will allow exchanging EXCC to BTC inside CryptoXchanger in the ICO price. Borrowers can sell their EXCC once they look on exchanges that are externals.


ExchangeCoin is a coin that is being declared to raise funds and make the exchange. The marketplace is fresh, and there are since they are not easy to use, simply a few exchanges which are not too popular. One of the main things they would like to concentrate on is a user-friendly interface. Transfer them into the environment that is decentralized and would like to implement all the features that centralized exchanges offer at this time. It’ll stop manipulation, account bans, traffic overload, and theft.


cryptoxchanger icoThe ICO is divided into six rounds that will be at five-day intervals. The wholesale will take 30 days. If any of the batches are not sold out entirely at the end of the designated frame, the remaining unsold EXCC will be added to the next batch. It not all the EXCC coins are sold by the end of the last batch, CryptoXchanger reserves the right to decide what to do with any unsold amount.

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How to make money with CryptoXChanger Exchange Coin?

People are probably wondering how they can take advantage of the CryptoXChanger platform. You should look to get into the coin offering. Lending platforms have notoriously multiplied their coin price. Looking at coins such as RegalCoin which managed to perform a 90x or BitConnect that has surpassed expectations, you can expect returns.T

The ICO is quite hard to enter, as coins sell out VERY FAST. I fought to get into the first round on the 18th of November, and you will do so to. We suggest that you look into getting acquainted with their financing program if you miss out on the ICO. By lending funds to CryptoXChanger you will have the ability to generate passive income of about 1.5% each day. This can compound if you re-invest and this can make you even more cash.

Get 8% Sign Up Bonus!

Price Prediction

ICO PRICE: $1.50

Estimate Price in 1 Month: $4

Estimate Price in 3 Months: $25

Estimated Price in 6 Months: $60-$80